About Nydia

Hi there! I’m Nydia (pronounced Nee-Thee-Ah), the creator of Nydia’s Nutrition. I was born in south Texas and raised in Missouri where I worked in watermelon and corn fields with my farm working family. Growing up, you would find me eating both “American” food (burgers, chicken nuggets, etc.) at school and with friends, and Mexican food (arroz con frijoles, tacos, etc.) at home. Sometime during college, I decided I wanted to become a dietitian. I got my Bachelor’s degree in dietetics and my Master’s degree also in nutrition and dietetics… So yes, I read, researched and studied food, health and nutrition for 6 straight years! I’ve been working as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 2017. On a personal note, I enjoy Latin dancing, hiking, and jogging with my dogs Roxas y Pikasso.

Why I created Nydia's Nutrition?

Working as an RDN in these short years, I have seen a major nutrition problem: People don’t know about the food they put into their amazing bodies and how that can affect their health for the better or worse. Another problem: some health professionals are not giving culturally appropriate nutrition advice to their clients/patients. No, you don’t have to stop eating tortillas or frijoles to be healthier.

I created Nydia’s Nutrition to improve nutrition literacy in English AND Spanish speakers so they can make informed and better food decisions to improve their health and their children’s health. This platform is geared towards Latinos, or those who like Mexican food, or are lower income or have a lower education level. I like to keep things simple by not using big words or expensive equipment and or ingredients to cook. I also like to keep things real; I don’t have a big, fancy kitchen or equipment and I won’t pretend like I do.

Would you believe me if I told you I eat tacos a few days a week? But how can this be healthy!?! Follow Nydia’s Nutrition and you will find out!